The cosy and suggestive décor, the peace and quiet of a sound-proofed and air-conditioned building make the Hotel Concordia an elegant oasis of rest and relaxation in the beating heart of the ancient maritime republic. Inside the hotel, the guest breathes in the atmosphere of an age, distinguished by a subdued and dignified elegance.

The Beggiato family has been operating the Hotel Concordia for more than 70 years, but we are about to entrust the hotel to the hands of the next generation. The fourth generation aims to make the hotel even better, treating its guest to the traditional Venetian family atmosphere, while also delivering exceptional service and refined elegance. Although the hotel has just 51 guest rooms, we indeed employ a staff of 43 professionals, supervised by the owner who, with more than thirty years of experience and a radiant smile, has turned hospitality into a form of art.

The reception desk is situated on the first floor, a placement that avoids the inconveniences caused by Venice’s seasonal (and characteristic) flooding.

The rich hot and cold buffet breakfast offers a wide choice for the best awakening.

The wine bar at the Hotel Concordia in Venice overlooks Saint Mark’s Square, one of the world’s most beautiful and spectacular sites, from which visitors can admire the famous contours of Saint Mark’s Basilica and the white splendor of its Istrian stone, punctuated by the bright hues of imperial red and antique green Oriental marble.

In this highly charming and exclusive atmosphere, the wine bar offers a wide selection of signature cocktails and the best wines of our region, Veneto. A pleasant and absolutely unique moment reserved to guests at the Hotel Concordia, rendering your stay in Venice even more unforgettable.


Services & Facilities

Free Wi-Fi Internet, 24h bar lounge, 24h room service, 24h reception, air conditioning, elevator, washing and ironing service (express service).