Meetings in a Venice Hotel

A stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square and in the heart of the business centre of the city, the Hotel Concordia is the ideal location in which to organise a business meeting or a corporate function.

Built within the ruins of a 17th century aristocratic residence, with elegant spaces, baroque furniture and a typically Venetian feel, the hotel has the perfect location for an important business meeting as well as a room which is suitable for a cocktail party or a private party which can accommodate up to 50 people.

All this in an atmosphere of refined elegance and tranquillity which makes the Hotel Concordia a peaceful oasis where you can relax and concentrate in the midst of all the bustle that is the life blood of La Serenissima. The Hotel’s 50 bedrooms, each one of which is different, allows its guests to enjoy a well-earned rest enveloped in the warmth of a historic building which has been brought up to date by 4 generations of the Beggiato family.

There is no need to leave the city centre or its most beautiful locations – these are all at your fingertips and just a few metres away. The Doge’s Palace, the historic cafes on the Square, all of these can be easily seen from the hotel’s window and from its marvellous private balconies which look out over the Venetian panorama from on high in a place that is full of enchantment.


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